3D Laser Cutting

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Professional 3D Cutting Head

3D Laser Cutting

Adopt imported Italy ELEN special 3D cutting head and Z32 Smart Manager 3D CNC control system. PENTA LASER 3D laser cutting machine rely on 25 years of engineering research. From the rotating systems to the stable accessible structure, everything is specifically designed to achieve the best performance in the five-axis cutting. Flexibility and precision are the keywords underlying the design of PENTA LASER five-axis cutting systems.

Durable Machine Frame

3D Laser Cutting

The machine frame adopts integral welding structure with high request on the technical strength and supply chain’s quality and it processed after returning the product to eliminate the internal stress, the frame been processed after the second vibration aging treatment, which solves the stress caused by welding and processing, greatly improved the stability of the machine tool.

Product Parameters

Processing format (length * width) 3000mm×2000mm
Maximum acceleration ±0.02mm
Maximum running speed 35m/min
Machine tool bearing 300Kg
X Travel 3020mm
Y Travel 2020mm
Z Travel 820mm
Cutting Area 3000mm×2000mm
B Axis ±182°
C Axis ±225°
X,Y Repeatability ±0.02mm
X,Y Rapid Speed 35m/min

Cutting Samples

Industry Application