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1.5G CNC Machine 1kW to 6kW

BOLT 4020

4G CNC Machine IPG 6kW to 20kW Performance of machine like this:10kW in 5mm SS thick made 8 hole 4 mm in one second!!!, and in 40mm MS 5mm hole!!
whirl 1020

WHIRL 1020

WHIRL Tube cutting 4Axis and 5Axis

The amazing much talked about game-changing success of fibre laser technology and its revolutionary impact on the overall laser-aided manufacturing represents a new technological breakthrough in a displacement of vacuum tubes by the transistors, for instance.

It goes without saying that the old-fashioned lasers are bulky, inefficient and short-lived devices, which are difficult to setup, slow in operation and require frequent service. Fibre lasers, on the other hand, are compact, highly efficient and robust devices, which offer a fast service-free operation over the entire lifetime of the machines.

Pentalaser in action

The amazing success of fiber laser technology and its revolutionary impact on laser based manufacturing bear the hallmarks of more widely publicized technology game changer, such as displacement of vacuum tubes by the transistors. The analogy is apt when we consider that legacy lasers are bulky.


from 500W to 2000W




3D 5 axis


Smart anti collision system


3D Laser Cutting cutting-sample
Medium Power AWING cut-sample
Swan Hand Held Fiber Laser Welding Machine industry-application

Fiber laser technology has made a revolutionary impact on laser manufacturing.

Fibre laser technology represents a newest development in laser cutting. A laser beam is generated by an active fibre and is then transmitted over a transport fibre to the cutting head of the machine.

Fibre lasers are significantly smaller than CO2 lasers and generate twice as much power from the same current. A fibre-cutting system is primarily suited for processing of thin to medium-thick metal sheets. It is also suitable for cutting copper and brass.

Fibre laser machine operate with the IPG, TRUMPF and Raycus laser sources, ranging from 1kW to 20kW with bed sizes from 1500mm x 3000mm to 3500mm wide and unlimited length, with 4000mm sections, utilising offline CAD CAM METALIX, LANTEK, RADAN and SIGMANEST software, or Post Processor to any other suitable software on the client’s request.

Available CNC machine  1.5G, 2.2G and 4G

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