Pipe Cutting NWP

New Design Pip Cutting Machine Special for Light Pipe


NWP Pipe Cutting Machine

Cost-effective, entry level, two model type pipe cutting machine optional. Two chuck pipe cutting special for tiny pipe cutting and three chuck pipe cutting special for heavy pipe cutting. Two or three chuck plus floating support. Automatic floating support system, complete cutting, automatic blanking, cutting efficiency is better than three chuck structure

Supporting Various Pipes

Standard pipes: Equal diameter pipes such as round, square, OB-type, D-type, triangular, oval etc.

Meanwhile, extra profile cutting function modules to cut angle steel, channel and H-shaped steel, etc.

Design Brings Variety Of Tube Products

Multiple processes are completed at once, the processing speed is fast, the precision is high, and the applicable types of pipe materials are many Save labor, save process, save plant, save fixtures, improve accuracy, increase efficiency.

Product Parameters

Laser power 1000W-6000W
Straight axis re-positioning accuracy ±0.03mm
Rotation axis maximum speed 100m/min
Rotation axis re-positioning acc ±8
Rotation axis maximum speed 120rpm
X Travel 7200mm
Y Travel 400mm
Z Travel 300mm
Pipe Size 20mm-250mm
Pipe Length 6500mm
Weight / Layer 600kg

Cutting Samples

Industry Application