Cost Effective SWING

Entry Level Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Machine Design And Manufacture

Cost Effective SWING 01Machine tools adopts heat treatment and thermal protection and automatic lubricating device to reduce heat absorption of machine tools, guarantee machine precision in a long life run; Excellent dynamic performance, high precision and fast speed, the efficiency improved about 20%-40% than other same machines.

Remote Control and Maintenance System

Cost Effective SWING 02Based on the Internet of things technology and cloud computing, Penta Laser set up a remote monitoring management system based on cloud platform, to provide accurate products and business support through the remote access of data information, data analysis and processing, control the real-time product situation, timely find product failure, enhance the service efficiency and quality. After-sales response time reduced by 5% – 10%. After-sales troubleshooting time reduced by 10% – 15%. After-sales resolution rate increased 5%. After-sales customer satisfaction increased 15% – 20%.

Product Parameters

Laser power 6000W to 12000w (optional)
Processing format (length * width) 4000mm * 2000mm (optional)
Maximum acceleration 1.5G
Maximum running speed 120m/min
The weight 10500kg
Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.01
Machine tool bearing 2355kg
Appearance size ( length width height ) 11500mm×3500mm×2500mm

Cutting Samples

Industry Application