Medium Power AWING

Awing is a new product model of Pentalaser dedicated to thing metal sheet processing.


Medium Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Domestic brand, less investment, economic and practical

Suitable for rapid cutting of medium and thin plates. Widely used in sheet metal processing, lighting, kitchenware, decorative materials, chassis cabinets and other industries.

Able to cut medium and thin carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized plate, aluminum alloy, brass, etc.

Configuration and Product Features

Medium Power AWING

Originally imported high performance laser cutting head dedicated to laser cutting; Capacitive sensor, automatically align the sheet; Auto focus, no focus readjustment needed while changing sheet; Smart piercing, 2-3 times faster on thick material. Piecing detection function, thus cutting process can start immediately without any extra waiting time.

Product Parameters

Laser power 1000W-6000W (Optional)
Processing format (length * width) 4000mm * 2000mm (optional)
Maximum acceleration 0.8G
Maximum running speed 80m/min
Laser Source Raycus
Accuracy ±0.03mm
Max Thickness 16mm

Cutting Samples

Industry Application